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Moral Story: A Blind Boy and Banker

Moral Story: A Blind Boy and Banker

A blind boy was sitting in front of a large bank. There was a dish in front of him and a paper in his hand, in which he wrote: ‘I am blind, please help me’.

The whole morning, only a few cent were found in his bag. A bank employee saw the blind while entering the bank. He took out his wallet and gave him some money, took his hand papers and wrote something behind it. Then he handed it over to the boy so that everyone could see the new text.

Then amazingly the amount of help was increased. Many more people were helping the boy, his dish was filled. The banker came to see the boy coming out of his office. Recognizing his throat, the boy asked him, ‘Are you the person who changed my paperwork? What did you write? ‘

The man said, ‘I also wrote the truth in a different way. I wrote,’ Today is a beautiful day but I do not see my misfortune ‘.

Two writings tell people that the boy is blind. But the first one just says that he is blind. But the second article says to the man that they are lucky that they are not blind.

Be thankful to Allah for what you have. Learn to think a new way, to think positively more than everyone else. When life gives you 100 reasons to suffer, show life that there are thousands of reasons to be happy too.

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