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Energy drinks adversely affect heart rhythm

Energy drinks adversely affect heart rhythm

While energy drinks may get you all pepped up, consuming too much of it can increase your blood pressure and the risk of electrical disturbances in the heart, researchers suggest. According to…

হৃদরোগ ও ক্যানসারের ঝুকি কমাতে হাঁটাচলা করুন

How many footsteps should you take a day

Walking at least 4400 steps daily might help improve survival in older women, a JAMA Internal Medicine study suggests — welcome news for people who do not hit the much-promoted goal of…

living alone

Mental disorders more common in people who live alone

Living alone is positively associated with common mental disorders, regardless of age and sex, according to a recent study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Louis Jacob from University of…

aardvark pizza

Restaurant under fire for adding ‘aardvark pizza’ to its menu

However whether or not the pizza really does contain meat from the nocturnal mammal is yet to be determined. One customer who visited the restaurant on Wednesday claims the business backtracked on…

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Study Abroad At Your Dream University

Have you been thinking of going overseas to learn a new language or pursue your higher education degree? You have spent countless hours researching online but still haven’t got a clear path…